Andrea's background comes from fitness, dance, working as an Executive Administrative Assistant in Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies and some acting in Los Angeles. I became Vegan in 2008 after learning of the unsanitary and cruel ways in which my food came from and making the connection in my mind.  Along this journey I found "my vegan within" and continuously keep myself on track. I discovered creative cooking solutions I didn't know I had in me. I conditioned my thoughts and habits to a new way of life including healthy food, moderate strength training, cardio and growing knowledge of a vegan lifestyle.

I'm passionate about food, cooking and fitness and have been able to successfully transform my family's entire eating habits seamlessly.  I believe anyone has the capability of having their "vegan within" come out. With openness, goals and a reason, anyone can find their "vegan within". I'm resourceful and adaptable at prioritizing food solutions to eating and keeping weight loss off.

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